Carrollton/Farmers Branch that may work with a Felony*

Over 86 apartments in the area. Call me to find out the properties that may work with you!!Free Apartment Locator Service that Specializes in Second Chance Luxury Apartments

A few of the Roads and Freeways are 35E, 635, George Bush Turnpike

Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD

The question is, who will work with a misdemeanor or a felony?


How old is the misdemeanor or felony? What was it for? Was it pled down from a felony to a misdemeanor? Was the charge violent such as an assault? Best thing to do is call us. The older the issues the better.

3X the monthly rent / How is our Credit ?

We have over 12 Years of specializing in Second Chance Luxury Leasing. More info on our website

Veteran Owned Company USMC (87-92) Gulf War Vet
Former Police Officer
HAA Member / TAA Member
NAAL Member
Recognized by City Council

Some of the issues we work with:

Bad Credit / Broken Lease / Eviction / Late Pays / Foreclosure / Student loans / Tax Liens / Misdemeanor / Felony / Misdemeanor Assault

North Dallas Apartments that work with a felony

Agent at Apartment Gorilla
Cheryl 713-882-0694

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